Our Tipis

Our Tipis are based on the Crow Style which has been called the most graceful and beautiful of all Indian lodges*. They have an almost sculptural feel, with a tapering form and long poles extending out of the top with ribbons which gently move in the wind. You can find yourself engrossed in the beauty of the structure. They fit in well in all outdoor surroundings, adding to not detracting from the view like most marquees.

The shape of the Tipi has evolved over years of use on the Great Plains by Native Americans. This design is quick to erect, and even quicker to pack away. It is refreshingly cool in the heat of the summer sun, warm and comfortable on cold evenings or winter days, and stands up handsomely against wind and rain, which are unfortunately so typical of English summers! 

When you step inside you see a slightly oval floor plan, surrounded by an inner liner that extends to six foot from the ground. This is what keeps the Tipi cool on hot days, and provides the airflow for the fire when lit. The smoke flaps improve the draw of the fire and, if the weather very wet, can be wrapped around making the tipi virtually waterproof.

Inside our tipis

* Ref: "The Indian Tipi: Its History, Construction, and Use" By Reginald Laubin, Gladys Laubin