30ft Tipis

Tipis of this size were traditionally used for meetings, gatherings and celebrations, and were the largest tipis that were made. Although appearing large from the outside, when you step inside the space seems to expand and gives the impression of being larger still. There is a real feel to it, and everyone who has been inside has been in awe of its beauty and presence.

On warm sunny days the front and sides can be rolled up to produce a space that is a natural progression from outdoors to inside. On wet days the tipi can be kept closed and the outside light through the canvas casts a warm radiance lifting the mood. When night falls the Tipi glows with the internal light, highlighting the beauty further.

Our 30ft tipi has many varied uses and has already played host to a champagne reception for 100, a paragliding workshop at a flying festival, a childrenís party for 40 and an amazing all night dance venue for a pagan wedding.

This Tipi needs a very large area to put up and vehicle access is essential.

Please call us on 01273 858406 to discuss arrangements.